Sunset Private Reserve is a Malaria- free 4900 hectares (12 108 acres) reserve near the confluence of the Orange and Vaal rivers in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

With its variety of wildlife, bird species, breath-taking Savannah plains, and authentic lodging facilities, Sunset Private Reserve is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, nature photographers and anyone looking for an incredible and unforgettable African Experience.

It is also the ideal gathering place for families, groups of friends, corporate groups and parties who wish to add a touch of adventure and diversity to their getaway. The entire lodge is reserved for bookings of groups of 5 or more persons.

The reserve is conveniently located 13km from the town of Douglas and only 10km from the local asphalt runway which makes it an ideal destination for gliding enthusiasts and anyone traveling by air.

Sunset Private Reserve gives sanctuary to more than 40 wildlife species including the African Buffalo, Giraffe, Sable, Nyala and Roan.
The reserve also accommodates a variety of African inland bird species including the world’s largest bird and world’s largest flying bird.



Struthio camelus

The largest bird in the world.


Kori Bustard/Gompou

Ardeotis kori

The largest flying bird in the world.

The family owned Reserve is run by husband and wife team, Duitser and Liezl, who have an innate love for wildlife and nature. The reserve is a product of their passionate pursuit for inspired food, imaginative accommodation & the building of lifelong friendships.

They believe in maintaining the ecological integrity of the Reserve and are passionate about the conservation of South Africa’s wondrous wildlife. Duitser and Liezl are also avid brewers (watch this space ) and great lovers of the amazing Northern – Cape province.

We invite you to share in the adventure as we keep exploring and developing our business.

-We hope to meet you soon!

Our Weather

We have snowless winters with the maximum average temprature at midwinter at 28°C and our minimum at 6°C. Minimum temperatures sometimes reach -4°C. Our summers are hot with an average maximum temperature of 32°C at midsummer with maximum temperatures that go up to and over 40°C at times. The average minimum temperature at midsummer is 17°C.

This is the current weather at SUNSET Private Reserve: